Crispy Norwegian cod cheeks with dill, anchovy & pickled cucumber salsa

Cod cheeks have a wonderful meaty succulence to them and they’re perfect for coating in Japanese panko breadcrumbs, fried and served with this Norwegian-inspired sweet & sour dill dipping sauce. If you want to serve all the cod cheeks at once, simply keep the ones already fried in a warming oven (around 80�C) until you’re ready to serve them.
The panko breadcrumbs are really worth seeking out due to their crispness after frying, they’re readily available at Japanese and Asian food stores, or online from Amazon and specialist food suppliers.

Ingredientsماهی کاد برشته
1 kg  Norwegian Cod cheek
350 g  panko breadcrumbs
150 g  flour
3   egg
Dill salsa
2 l  vegetable oil
1 bunch  dill, fresh
1 bunch  parsley, flat leaf
0.5 jar  anchovie
0.5 jar  gherkin
3.5 tbsp  oil
1 tsp (teaspoon)  capers
1 tsp (teaspoon)  horseradish sauce
   lemon juice
   lemon zest
   sea salt
   salt and pepper


    Start with the dill salsa. In a blender or magimix place all the ingredients and pulse several times to break down the dill and parsley. Once the leaves are starting to compress, blitz everything together for about 1-2 minutes or until the sauce is evenly blended and looks vibrant and green. If it’s quite chunky simply let down the sauce with a little water and/or lemon juice if you like a punchy dipping sauce (I do!).
    Cover the dill salsa with cling film and set aside while you prepare the cod cheeks. If there are any cheeks that are particularly large, i.e. bigger than a normal mouthful, then slice in half. Have an assembly line ready with one bowl of seasoned flour, another bowl with the eggs and a third with the panko breadcrumbs. Dip each cheek, or piece of cheek, in the seasoned flour, dust any excess off and follow with a dip in the egg, then finally coat in the panko breadcrumbs. Set each cheek aside on a platter while you prepare them all so they’re ready for frying.
    Heat the deep-fryer to 160�C or warm oil in a large saucepan to the same temperature. Be sure to have oven gloves, a lid and a large slotted spoon or spider ladle nearby. If the oil goes above 160�C, starts smoking or looks in danger of catching fire, turn off the heat immediately and cover with the lid to prevent any accidents.
    Fry about 6-7 pieces of cod cheek at a time for about 1-2 minutes, or until they turn golden-caramel in colour. Remove from the oil and place on kitchen paper, sprinkle with sea salt and then pop in the warming oven while you prepare the rest of the cheeks. Repeat the process with each batch and then serve them warm with the dill salsa and a glass of bubbly or a crisp, cool glass of white wine. Aquavit works well too, as you might imagine.

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