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Salmon Gostaran Khanevadeh has been the leading importer of different fish products from the five continents of the world to Iran. Thanks to its rich and highly specialized experience in supply of frozen fish the company has reached to some 60% of the total market share in Iran during recent years.
Salmon Gostaran’s aim has been to supply high quality, grade A products to its customers and in this regard has been representing several reputable international companies like Royal Greenland, Leroy , Fine-Food etc.
 In accordance with the company’s policies for the improvement of the quality of the products as well as superior customer service the company has provided the online purchasing service which is available on company's website. Moreover, in order to assure that the packing and processing operation are carried out under optimum control the company has launched a processing and packing plant to guarantee on time and high quality delivery.
Salmon Gostaran ’s team carefully follows up each and every customer’s orders and provides them all the necessary updates and information they need. Salmon Gostaran Salmon Gostaran will ensure that the delivery time is strictly met and that the products is strictly processed according to customer’s specifications.
Salmon Gostaran ’s sales team members are all professional. They are able to give customers useful information about seafood products, such as the situation of the raw material, seasonality of each product, best moment to buy, etc.
Salmon Gostaran ’s sales team is well-informed of your market needs and with a good vision and understanding of the market, capable of helping you in any situation concerning customer’s orders.

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